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Let me introduce myself, I'm Rose Ferguson, a former 90’s model turned Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner. With a rich background in modelling for renowned brands such as Prada and Miu Miu, I transitioned to the realm of naturopathy and nutrition, bringing a unique perspective to the world of health and wellness.

Certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine in the US and holding an MSc in Advanced Nutrition Research and Practice, my commitment to health extends beyond certifications. My online clinic, a cornerstone of my work, allows me the privilege and pleasure of assisting individuals in achieving their health goals. As a contributor to British Vogue, my features on health and wellness aim to bring evidence-based insights to a broader audience. The author of 'Juice,' a compilation of 100 juice recipes for modern living, and the founder of 'The 5 Day Plan,' my mission evolved into the 'Queen of the Reset'—a label earned through transformative plans that demonstrate the balance of enjoying food, feeling great, and achieving health goals in just five days.

The 5 Day Plan has grown into a diverse range of plans catering to various health goals within a thriving community. Group plans and resets, marked by engaging discussions, communication, and teaching, constitute a significant and rewarding part of my work.

On this platform, expect valuable information, including live cook-alongs, a monthly Q&A, 'R' catch-ups, and a monthly one-day plan. Explore R Health Club for upcoming events and sessions designed to enrich your well-being journey. I look forward to seeing you there soon! 🌿

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